Monday, April 27, 2009


Oh ya, and Indy got fucked.
Al, getting some.
Nolan, nonsense.
Grinding away the paint, revealing the inner crust.
Gorman, steamroller
Gorman, F/S Ollie
Hungus polejam
Pat, approved ollie.
Adumb swears he is going to skate more.
Nolan with a melon to fakie in the puddle... nose pointed in the window. 
"Pretty severely"
Nolan, nonsense window tailslide.
Hungus grinding over the channel 
Noah, F/S melon
Crust wiffleball. We'll fuck your life up.
Crust hour power. Available from your nieghborhood drug dealer.
Johnny Ryan with an ollie in Boston
Older pic of the coach, still nailing cowboys out in Texas.
Hungus b/s 5-0

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