Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tomás De Pantalonés is getting married.

So we went on a shred mission. Bright and early, myself, Tomas, Gman, Noah, Josh, and potential Crust Crew candidate Mr. Dave Slashing headed out to Dayville and Sprague CT. We ended the evening with a Westerly RI session that will go down in history. Kevin Day quote of the night "Hey can I peace out on your happy juice?" Translation: Can I get a beer?

"waaah its early"
Hard to believe someone is marrying him huh?
Coach is ready for the road.
Crust candidate Dave "it smells so bad you ruined my cheetos"

Crust candidate Dave F/S grinder
"This time last week, I was totally getting tubed"
Noah, out of the gates backside air
CRUST CREW FUCK YOU. P.S. Get that foot checked out Josh.
Cotesta Rica beardo
Creeps of the Crust calender coming soon....
Gman version of a frontside rock
Ummm this guy ruled obviously.
Lifestyle shot

Bloody beers. obv.
Noah, B/S Tailslider
Young William

Picture of the day... Gorman attack

Mark of the crust
For Carl, since he always misses out on the good stuff. Fuck work!

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