Saturday, November 21, 2009

El Crust/House

Me and Joel rolled down to Providence yesterday afternoon for some skating with Al Pechils. Met up with Gavin and Nolan a little later in the night. I got ruined over and over again doing nothing. Its time for a week off.

Nolan, boneless at the Prov park
Al, f/s wallride
Nolan. Big bump ollie.
Nolan, big bump ollie
Nolan, pivot grind fakie
Al, 5050
Nolan, nose bluntslide
Nolan, ollie
Gavin, b/s flip
Joel, ollie
Nolan, hurricane
Joel, rock and roll slide
Nolan, crailslide
Gavin, feeble
Nolan, hippy jump.
Al, layback wallie
Nolan, wallbasher

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