Saturday, March 20, 2010

peepee gazing season: begin.

First things first, ITS SPRING!
Second, check out TJ's band Stand By Me @
And third, and certainly least important, me, Carl, and Jared went down to Providence to hang with Al and get some cruising in. Here are some pictures, you stupid.

Skatedog in training.
Noah b/s air
We found this little spot when a pottery painting place caught my eye.
Jared, b/s 5-0 down. Pawtucket RI
Jared f/s 180 over the hip. Pawtucket RI
Carl, over the hip. Pawtucket RI
Al, b/s transfer. Providence RI.
Al, b/s transfer. Providence RI
Jared, Lien tail transfer. Providence RI
Carl, b/s air transfer.
El Crusthouse alliance runs deep.
Well well well, Carl. B/s smithers. Providence RI
Again, yeah. b/s smith, Providence RI

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