Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's strange to think back to when I first started skating, it seems like only a short time ago. In reality it is going on the better part of 27 years. The thing is skateboarding really hasn't changed much for me in all of that time. Spots, tricks, your crew that you skate with all come and go over time but the one thing that still and always will remain for me is the simple act of pushing a piece of wood with four wheels around. I remember think when I was around sixteen, if I can make it to 40 and still be skating I will be stoked. Well forty is right around the corner and sixty is my new goal. There really isn't a point to any of this just stuck inside on a cold winters day during one of the harshest winters that I can remember. Thinking about skateboarding and all of the miles that are still left to go! See you out there, coach...

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