Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open road

Al and Mikey from are out on the road living the life.
Ever since I was a young boy the road has always called out to me. From Tom Sawyer and huck Finn to Jack kerouack and Neal Cassidy and all of those books about traveling and finding your own path in the world. Once I got hold of a skateboard around age 11 it was all over. We would be out the door at 8am and come home at 10pm with all the time in-between exploring our town and anywhere else our wheels would take us. Around 13 I read ON THE ROAD and it changed my life in the same way that skateboarding did and hearing and seeing the bad brains did. You could go anywhere and be anyone you wanted to and we did. We figured out how to hitch hike to other towns, we took the bus and figured out how to ride the train into the city. For young kids we certainly had some shit figured out. It is something that has stayed with me now 25 plus years later. I have been living the skate rat life for so long that it's hard to imagine what normal people are all about. Reality tv? Internet friendship? Working some drone job to buy more useless gadgets? That shit isn't reality or living it's fake sucker used car bullshit. You want to live a little? Get out there and experience real life, even if it's just checking out a new city or spot in some other town. There is a lot out there to experience and there are still people to conncet with in a real human way. As a wise man once said "underway is the only way." see you out there. Coach....

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