Thursday, October 13, 2011

History lesson part1

HISTORY LESSON PART 1 It's strange to think about now that it's all done and I have been struggling with it for over a year now. Breaking Ground started because it had to happen! There was a dire need for quality skateparks after the plague of precast scituate concrete shit bombs exploded all over newengland. I was already out in Oregon working with airspeed and I was planning on staying in the holy land of concrete skateparks but fate has a funny way of working. Airspeed built the Newburyport park and that's were we all  cut our teeth on the crete and were introduced to park building and it's also were sloppy sam and I were reacquainted. He showed up randomly one day in the pouring rain when we were tying rebar in the big bowl and climbed down and started tying bar with us. Geth asked "whats up? Who are you?" Sam replied "i am Sam and i am gonna show up everyday until you hire me." Good on his word he showed up and worked for free everyday,They hired him a few weeks later. After Newburyport we built a park in Jackson Wyoming and had a killer time in the Teton mountains and survived 9/11. Wyoming was also were sam made the break from Geth and proclaimed he was going to start his own deal at some point. I went back east for the winter and tried to get on the rye park build but it was already maxed out. I waited out the winter saved a few bucks and headed west to build in Eugene Oregon. I had one of the best times ever living and working in Oregon and skating some of the best parks in the world. We finished up Eugene in early October just in time for the seasonal rains but we had a job in mexico on a surf resort! Work and chill in Mexico on the beach for the winter? FUCK YES!!! I had a few weeks to kill so I took the coastal route south camping along the way and enjoying life on the road. Stopping to see friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles along the way. I heard from Geth and he was in Mexico and told me to come on down, I was stoked! I decided to hangout a few more days in L.A. then head for the boarder. Two days later I said my goodbyes and made my way to the boarder. I stopped a few miles from the check point at a store to get some supplies and when I came back out to the truck I could hear my phone ringing, it was sloppy sam. Like I said earlier fate has a strange way of working and here it was calling long distance! Sam asked what was up and if I wanted to go back east to build a park with him and be a part of his new company?! So here I am basically looking at the border of Mexico with the chance to work on a warm beautiful beach all winter or head to the cold of the approaching newengland winter to build a park with sloppy sam. The choice was fucking obvious I had to do it I had to build parks in newengland! It was our time and our chance to leave our mark and to leave something of ourselves behind for the future generation of shredders. I hung up the phone with sam and immediately pointed my truck east, put on some Johnny Cash and made the drive in record time. I got back home and didn't even go see my family first I went straight to Jamestown rhodeisland and started working! It was the beginning of Breaking Ground and one of the best times of my life. I don't think I can put into words what the whole experience means to me, I don't want to it's to personal. I was part of the original crew and I worked on every park. I told sam at the beginning that i was in it for the long haul and was going to take the ride all the way. People came and went but for the most part we had a real tight crew and I consider those guys my brothers. Poprock,George Rocha,Lenny,ferg,herb,myself and sam were the original crew. Ferg and herb left after Jamestown and we got THE BOMBER! I could write a book about him alone. Other crew member past and present were Noah Powell,Gump,Jus Martel,Pete stroke,iggy talls,young will,Cave Dave,James Powers,Jason the Mexican,turner,Melissa,and a few others that I am sure I am forgetting(sorry).  So what's the point of this long winded story? I am not sure? I think it's kind of a way for me to deal with how it all just kind of abruptly ended almost as fast as it had all started. The last "official" breaking ground park was Andover in august of 2010. The company was sold and we tried to go on under the new owners but it was a lost cause,they just wanted our resume and were not actually interested in building progressive quality skateparks. They were only interested in the bottom line $$$. All of those miles, all of the characters we met, all of the crazy times and places we went, ALL OF THAT CONCRETE!!! Sleeping in my truck,on the ground,in shitty hotels, I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world. Why? Because I got to be a part of something so unique and special a once in a lifetime chance to express myself and leave a part of myself behind that will hopefully be around for years and years.  I hope that after we are all dead and gone and all Is said and done 500 years from now some archeological dig uncovers one of our parks and they ask the question "what the fuck is this? And who the hell built it!?!? P.s. And don't think that just because BG isn't around that we aren't building stuff anymore! Poprock is killing it! And like sam recently said to me "they want to turn skateparks into soccer fields. The businessman wants to run the skatepark building Industry,Well he can have it. The bridges,backyards and no mans lands are ours!!!" build your own reality...    

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