Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 went down to Philly last weekend
 lucky enough to be able to ride this gem
 nick wasted no time
 look out for some much bigger jumps by this guy in the near future...
 had a goodnight sleep that night
 FDR the morning
the demon spawned a few little obstacles outside the park
 getting real vertical

lurked around South St. for a while

 Mikey & Clark Griswold
warehouse shred til the early morning

 best coping
 highly aggressive
 casual crail
 things got a little weird...

 rolled the stanford, ct. park on sunday

 met up with this dude
 bad photo but a big slash

 big thanks to nate for making the shred happen!

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  1. Let's see some more! I know you took a shitload more pics than that.