Tuesday, January 8, 2013


He was a freak for sure. Did you ever perform, I mean aside from skateboarding? — No, not really. I’d like to perform though. I’d like to do something new. I mean my body is older now, I’m like 41-42, but, thinking about it, I’d like to just bust straight through a brick wall on a skateboard, come down a shoot and then just hit the brick wall, and then just bust through it, I mean to me that would be great. — Yeah I was thinking like you’re getting to the age where like the baseball players of your generation are starting to retire you know, the basketball players are retired… how you feel about that as an athlete. — Well, with skateboarding there is no such thing as retire, because it’s such a, such a – I don’t know how to explain, especially if you’re such an inventive skater, you’re constantly looking at architecture, and different types of things and like thinking, oh I could jump onto that and skid across there and then come off that, and there’s tons of things your mind is always thinking about, so even if you’re not riding a skateboard, in your mind you’re skateboarding because you’re thinking of possibilities. I mean I could be riding in the taxi with my girlfriend and then I’m looking off and I’m seeing something perfect to skate and that’s, in a sense, never quitting, like that’s never retirement. You know what I mean? I’m sure baseball players aren’t like ridin’ in a cab and all of a sudden thinkin’, “Oh I wanna hit a curve ball.” [laughs] — [laughs] — I’d love to just hit a curve ball right now. So do you see what I mean a little bit?
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