Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lost among the lost

Life gets weird. Here are some photos. 
Some are east. Some are west. 

 Curtis Ocampa. Dog pissah thruster to fakie on the vert wall. 
Terror In Tahoe 2012. 

 Tall Paul laying back on a frontside rock.
 Jeff Hedges getting upside down at the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2012. 

 Nick in a backside crailslide at the Berkeley Skatepark bowl. 

 Grimey ol Stephanie. 

 Nick blasting a frontside air in the deeper parts. 
Berkeley Skatepark 2013.

 Curtis Ocampa launching a boneless at the Berkeley Skatepark.

Nick in another frontside grab on a yet deeper and steeper part. 
Berkeley Skatepark 2012.
Love Interest. 2012. 

Coach, 2010. 

Coach, 2009. 

Dan Dempsey, steam rolling his way through.  

 Beautiful Man Club. 

Captain fluff wheel.

Cute bracelet, coach/JuneBug 

 Rude dudez. 2012. 

 Hosoi. 2012. 

 Noah Powell, f/s fart blaster. 2012.

Steve Cab, Lake Cunningham. 2012.

 Shooting guns at boats. 2008 Coast of Colombia. 

Shirley. 2010. 

Mark Daniel Lord. Shredder in all aspects of life R.I.P. 2007? 2006? 

Young ass(17?) Carl Hungus Williams getting dragged behind a jeep at about 40mph. 

Carl Hungus Williams cutting around in the Rye Pool.
Photo: Mark Daniel Lord. 

Vinny Messina, PBR fueled stalefish at the Berkeley Skatepark. 2013. 

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